Roastery of Cave Creek



Roasting in Valley since 1997, the Roastery of Cave Creek - ROC2 - has made it our mission to provide the best fresh and local coffee Arizona has to offer. 

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our operation with sourcing from a number of Fair Trade and Direct Trade partners. We have traveled the globe in search of the finest organic coffees from the four major growing regions - Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia. 

Through a balance of art and science, we methodically roast and cup our coffees. Careful not to under roast or over roast, we seek to identify the sweet spot where the nuanced flavor profiles of each coffee are revealed. Call us a bunch of coffee geeks but we believe it’s this critical approach to every cup that makes us different from other roasters. 

We have applied that same mad scientist approach to our cold brew and nitro program - arguably “the best you’ve ever tasted” as we have heard from countless coffee lovers. 

Our long standing relationship with China Mist Tea provides our customers with a one-stop local/organic coffee & tea program. 

It’s our privilege to work with some of Arizona’s most prominent chefs and luxury resorts. We provide brewing equipment to meet the specific needs of each establishment we serve, and we service equipment to ensure our customers are pouring a memorable cup. Often a cup of coffee is the last impression you leave on a customer, and it’s ROC2’s goal to ensure the best coffee experience possible.

- Dave and Alison


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